Monday, March 13, 2006

Melbourne's St Caths pier - well St Kilda pier really

We had a major setback today, it rained and we had to wait before we could go training till 11.45 am. Ah the challenges of being a full-time athlete.

We've been on the course again, with the guys practising transitions, followed by a good session in the pool this pm.

Tim's family has arrived, which has brought some sanity to the proceedings, and we've met up down at St Kilda.

The real work starts tomorrow with technical meetings, appointments with doctors as we try and make sure that Tim can race, he's fit he could do it, we just need to make sure doctors, race referees etc are all happy.

We should know by Tuesday evening your time - so let's keep our fingers crossed, he's worked so hard and been so positive.



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