Tuesday, March 07, 2006

We've made the village at last

Well this has been a funny old day. Started off with a Mcdonalds breakfast and a wifi hotspot uploading more photos. Then it was off to the pool to watch Scott and Tim train. Spent a bit of time with my new best mate, Bill Davoren, the Australian National Coach, which was interesting. Then it was off to the barbers to have a proper shave, with a cut throat razor. After that it was let's tidy up the apartment, amazing how messy it can get in 4 days. The onto our minibus to the Gold Coast airport ( minibus and trailer as we were with the Guernsey folks - 7 bags plus 6 bike bags needs more than your usual taxi) and 2 hr flight to Melbourne - then we had the fun with accreditaiton, where we had a police outrider take us to the Village. Makes you feel like a rockstar!!!

The village is fantastic - brand new and we have a great position - right by the food hall, transport hub and the medical services - between all of the guys - we need all the medical help we can get.

Then off to the food hall - Paul and Scott were bewildered by the choice and spent 10 minutes just walking round the place

Anway must go and try and blag my way into something


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