Saturday, March 04, 2006

The Gold Coast

Well we made it, four flights, a very large number of Emirates in-flight meals and we finally got to The Gold Coast.  What do we find when we get here, rain and more rain.  It's hardly stopped since we got here, so we are spending more of our time in shopping malls and thinking this could be Orlando, Florida.....

We have already struck fear into the Aussies triathletes, Greg Bennett 4th in the Olympics has withdrawn from the Games, due to injury. Personally, I think we had him worried that Tim was going to be next to him on the pontoon, and either talk him to death or club him with his cast in the swim.

The boys are competing tomorrow in the Luke Harrop Memorial Triathlon in our black, red and brown race kits.  Now you are thinking, where did the brown come from, well the boys will be swimming slightly faster tomorrow, as its a sea swim outside of the SHARK nets.  Thats right SHARKS.  If Tim swims, again no shark will come anywhere near him, as they will be clubbed to death.

Must go, Jenny O'Brien is coming up to visit us from Sydney, so we should have loads of support for tomorrow's race.  Don't forget to check for all the race reports and email us on for private briefings!!!


Gary Jones


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